Ensure that you are enlisted in the Grenade Army and have an ID number.
Do not send completed missions with enlistment forms.

All participating soldiers will increase in rank upon the completion of any mission.

Successful completion of a mission promotes one rank, unless otherwise specified.

Upon every third rank promotion you will be resupplied with Grenade contraband.

Missions can be completed in any order but cannot be repeated unless otherwise specified.

Not all missions must be completed.

Flash missions will be posted periodically.

When submitting designs, videos, or images there is no limit.
Send in proof of completed missions via e-mail to army@grenadegloves.com or mail. All video submissions must be sent in as a YouTube link and all digital picture entries must be sent in a JPG format.
Upon promotion to GENERAL OF THE ARMY: Soldiers of this rank will receive an HONORABLE DISCHARGE from General Danny Kass along with a special pack of Grenade paraphernalia. For those who would like to continue serving in the Grenade Army, you must reenlist. All honorably discharged soldiers remain on the Grenade Army roster with HD attached to their rank (although may submit a removal request via e-mail).

Note: Grenade stickers and stencils, contraband, and other paraphernalia found in Army enlistment packs as well as mission completion packs may vary depending on stock.

By sending in pictures, videos, or designs, you consent to letting Grenade Gloves use and showcase it in any media.

All whiners will be demoted.


Best Trick

Have you been practicing your tricks? Well here’s your chance to show off a little. Send us a video of you in Grenade gear doing your best trick on any type of board.


Wedding Season

Mission courtesy of Grenade Army Soldier Collin Jamerson #10998:

Summer time is also wedding time. A lot of people use this season to get hitched. How about we infiltrate some of these wedding and really rile things up. Get a picture of you in Grenade gear at a wedding.



It’s summer and you have nothing better to do then skate, lounge or sleep so why not do something productive and think of some missions? Send in your mission ideas and who knows if we like it we might use it, but it has to be reeeeeaaaallllly good!


Party Pooper

This idea came with the help of Grenade Army soldier Wyatt Fritz #0274:
“If for some reason your friends happen to fall asleep in some weird place at some kind of party and you happen to get artsy all over there face with markers or whatever you’ve got” Send in the funny photos of your mischief.


New Sticker Designs

Custom stickers are all the craze now and some of the designs we have gotten look really cool. So we want to see what else you have. Send us an original design you would like us to use in some of our stickers and you will have earned yourself a new rank!

Grenade @ The Beach Mission 
We want to see how you enjoy your oceani
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