Ensure that you are enlisted in the Grenade Army and have an ID number.
Do not send completed missions with enlistment forms.

All participating soldiers will increase in rank upon the completion of any mission.

Successful completion of a mission promotes one rank, unless otherwise specified.

Upon every third rank promotion you will be resupplied with Grenade contraband.

Missions can be completed in any order but cannot be repeated unless otherwise specified.

Not all missions must be completed.

Flash missions will be posted periodically.

When submitting designs, videos, or images there is no limit.
Send in proof of completed missions via e-mail to army@grenadegloves.com or mail. All video submissions must be sent in as a YouTube link and all digital picture entries must be sent in a JPG format.
Upon promotion to GENERAL OF THE ARMY: Soldiers of this rank will receive an HONORABLE DISCHARGE from General Danny Kass along with a special pack of Grenade paraphernalia. For those who would like to continue serving in the Grenade Army, you must reenlist. All honorably discharged soldiers remain on the Grenade Army roster with HD attached to their rank (although may submit a removal request via e-mail).

Note: Grenade stickers and stencils, contraband, and other paraphernalia found in Army enlistment packs as well as mission completion packs may vary depending on stock.

By sending in pictures, videos, or designs, you consent to letting Grenade Gloves use and showcase it in any media.

All whiners will be demoted.


Best Trick

Have you been practicing your tricks? Well here’s your chance to show off a little. Send us a video of you in Grenade gear doing your best trick on any type of board.


Wedding Season

Mission courtesy of Grenade Army Soldier Collin Jamerson #10998:

Summer time is also wedding time. A lot of people use this season to get hitched. How about we infiltrate some of these wedding and really rile things up. Get a picture of you in Grenade gear at a wedding.



It’s summer and you have nothing better to do then skate, lounge or sleep so why not do something productive and think of some missions? Send in your mission ideas and who knows if we like it we might use it, but it has to be reeeeeaaaallllly good!


Party Pooper

This idea came with the help of Grenade Army soldier Wyatt Fritz #0274:
“If for some reason your friends happen to fall asleep in some weird place at some kind of party and you happen to get artsy all over there face with markers or whatever you’ve got” Send in the funny photos of your mischief.


New Sticker Designs

Custom stickers are all the craze now and some of the designs we have gotten look really cool. So we want to see what else you have. Send us an original design you would like us to use in some of our stickers and you will have earned yourself a new rank!  


Ski Lift Sing-a-Long

What is your favorite thing to do on that chair lift up the mountain?  Here at Grenade we love to sing!   So for Mission GGAM06 you are to sing a song on a ski lift with a stranger.  Be sure to record the awesome melodies you chose to share with the rest of the mountain!  This mission is worth one rank.


Bomb the Bonfire 

Fall is a great time for friends and fires.  To complete Mission GGAM07 you must send a picture of yourself wearing a Grenade hoodie around a bonfire.  Be sure to have your dog tag out so everyone there knows you are part of a serious group of radical dudes; The Grenade Army.  Successful completion will move you up one rank.


New School New Clothes

Heading back to school after summer break, winter break, or any break can be a tough time for some.  What always helped us were some new clothes.  If you just purchased some Grenade gear, take a picture wearing it at your school.  Let us know where you purchased your fine new clothing and send in the picture and you'll be moving up one rank.


Senior Swag

Where do you get all of your swagger? You got it from your momma! Where did she get all of her style? She got it from her parents.  For Mission GGAM09 you are to take a picture of senior citizens wearing Grenade gear.  Maybe Grandma is out gardening with some Grenade Gloves, or perhaps gramps is rocking that hat you really want, or old neighbor Tim has one of the sickest jackets on the market.  Snap a photo of some elderly folks rocking Grenade and that will earn you one rank.


Make a Smoothie

Everyone loves a good smoothie from time to time.  Next time you blend your own smoothie be sure to send us a picture and let us know your recipe.  Give your smoothie and name and you just moved up half a rank.


Triple B

Mission triple B is all about being "Broken By Butt"    If you are out skating and have the urge to snap your deck, go ahead and do it.  However to move up a rank you need to break your board with your butt.  Jump up and land your tushy in the center and focus that board!  Record it, send it in and you'll move up one rank.


Superhero Service Worker

We live in a great country and there are many men and women who keep it functioning so well.  Get a picture with a service worker such as a firefighter, postal worker, police officer, construction worker, etc. and you will move up half a rank.  To move up one full rank ask them what their favorite part is about being a superhero and be sure to get their name.


Worst Injury

When things go wrong, sometimes we get hurt.  Send in a picture of that time you really messed yourself up and share the story with us.  Mission GGAM13 is worth half a rank. 


Favorite Skate Spot

If you're not out shredding the mountain you might just be out skating.  Show us a pic of you hitting up your favorite skate spot and you will move up one rank.


MX the Track

Here at Grenade we love motocross almost as much as we love the French, snow, and cheeseburgers.  If you like to ride MX just send us a pic riding at your favorite track.  Mission GGAM15 is worth one rank.


Date Night

Do you have that special someone?  If you don't this mission will be a way to have them go out with you because completing this mission will move you up one rank.  To do so you must send a photo of yourself out on a date.  Perhaps you took your significant other bowling, golfing, scuba diving, apple picking, or spent the day together on the mountain.  Send in a pic and let us know about the good times being had.


First Chair

Patience.  Patience is what this mission is about, completing this mission will move you up two ranks!  Resorts are going to be opening up soon and if you can manage to grab first chair of the season and prove it, then you just earned yourself two ranks.  It is worth the wait to be #1, you'll get to make first tracks, ride the snow before anyone else, and you're two steps closer to becoming the General of this elite army.



Building snowmen is a great pastime that we all enjoy.  When the white stuff starts falling, go out and build a large, monumental, snow-Grenade.  Get creative with it and send us a picture.  This mission is worth one rank.  We will be running a contest and winner moves up two ranks.


Pumpkin Carve

Mission GGAM1031 is a mission just in time for Halloween.  Show us your Grenade themed pumpkins and move up a rank.  Best pumpkin gets a special rations pack! 


Fishing like Kassmaster

Fishing is one of the best activities thought of before snowboarding.  I know General Kass once pulled in a barracuda using his own hair as fishing line.  Head out to the water and send us a picture of you and that prized catch.  This mission is worth one rank.


Make a Stencil

For all of you crafty soldiers out there this mission is for you.  Cut out a Grenade stencil and show us where you use it.  Let us know what supplies you used to make the stencil and send in the pic!  You will be granted one new rank for successful completion


Food Bank

There are a lot of hungry people out there, it's sad but true.  You can help these people!  Help out at your local food bank, shelter, or have a food drive of your own and donate the goods so that they go to some of the less fortunate.  Document and share your story to move up that ranks.


Bust a Rhyme

Do you have the ambition, to complete a new mission?  It might take some time, to come up with a rhyme.  But if you can succeed the need to read you'll proceed and indeed move up guaranteed with speed like a stampede being freed.


Homemade Rig

Sometimes we don't make it out to the mountain or to the park so we like to shred in our backyards.  If you ever set up your own features, send in a photo of you on your homemade rig and you'll move up one rank.


Wet Grenades

Water is lovely and if you spot a Grenade at the beach or near any large body of water just snap a pic and let us know.  It's that simple and you can move up half a rank.


Donate Blood

There are many people in this world who need our help; donating blood is a great way to help out the world we live in.  If you are 16 years or older you can go to the next blood drive and donate your own blood or help out at the event.  Get a picture of you either donating or helping out and you will move up one rank.


Urban Spot

Is there an awesome handrail in your school park?  A nice wall you fantasized about riding?  Next time you see an urban spot you think would be awesome to ride, just send in a picture and let us know the location.  Maybe one day you will see a Grenade rider hitting it up.  This mission is worth one rank.  You can move up two ranks if you are shredding the urban spot in the photo.


Ski Patrol

Your local mountain has some really awesome shredders who make sure everyone is safe.  That would be the Ski Patrol.  If you happen to run into them on your mountain be sure to say "Hey" and get a picture with them.  Doing so will move you up one rank.


Turkey Love

Mission Turkey Love is all about making those you care about feel good.  You are to prepare a turkey dinner and serve it to the ones you love.  Send photos of your feast and move up one rank.


Pumpkin Safety

Wearing the right safety equipment is always smart.  However before there was foam padding and other safety features, it was believed that the first snowboarding helmets were actually made from pumpkins.  For Mission GGAM28 you must create and wear a pumpkin helmet.  Successful completion will earn you one rank. 


Volcanic Grenade

From what we have been told, volcanoes can be pretty serious.  You are to construct your own volcano and make it erupt.  Send in the video and this mission will earn you one rank.


Creative Cake

"That cake was the bomb!"  For mission GGAM30 you must bake a Grenade themed cake.  Once its edible and you've snapped a pic, share the cake with some good friends who you think would be a good addition to the army.  This mission is worth one rank.


Mohawk Madness

The classic Get a Mohawk mission is back!  Who doesn't love a center strip of hair?  To earn yourself another rank shave yourself a mohawk, its that easy. 


Get a Tourist to Sign a Pizza Box

Mission GGAM32 requires you to get a signature from a touristYou have to get their signature on a pizza box and have them write where they are from.  Successfully completing this mission will earn you one rank.


Franklin Flight

Benjamin Franklin loved to fly kites, or at least that is what we've been told.  Dress up like old Benjamin himself and fly a kite.  Do not do this during a storm because we already know those results.  We want to see Benjamin Franklin flying a kite on a nice day!  So go out there and send us the pictures.  This mission is worth one rank.


Bird Watcher

Birds are everywhere and we rarely give them our attention.   For mission GGGAM34 you must capture photographs of 5 (five) different birds.  Once you have their picture you must do some research and find out what each species of bird is. General Kass knows his flying friends very well, so lets try and impress him. 


Card House

To move up another rank you can complete mission GGAM35.  This mission requires you to build a house out of playing cards only.  Your house of cards must be four card stories tall in order to advance you to the next rank.

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